The joint MGIMO University International Law Faculty and the Swiss School for International Relations program


Education is not just knowledge but a way of thinking. You have a unique opportunity to learn from the leading MGIMO professors, as well as European or American experts. By joint effort of the Partners we have developed a unique teaching methodology and authoring courses; built favorable tuition and learning environment.
Gennady Tolstopyatenko
The Program Scientific Director

MGIMO University International Law Faculty Dean


The legal profession is one of the most prestigious and sought after. In the context of globalisation, new forms of international cooperation, inter-state or corporate dispute, the demand for a highly skilled international lawyer shall no doubt grow year by year. When in Geneva, a student shall get a unique opportunity of diving into an international environment, getting familiar with European mentality, acquire invaluable multicultural experience and the European school of law professional training.

The joint MGIMO University International Law Faculty and the Swiss School for International Relations "International and Comparative Law" program shall include:

· Lectures delivered by leading MGIMO, Swiss or European University professors;
· 16 hours of English and French per week with native speaking teachers reaching the B2 | C1 level, as well as continuous language practice in an international environment;
· 240 hours of Legal English and Français Juridique;
· Internships with international organizations, corporations, banks or law firms in Switzerland, EU or Russia;
· Individual approach to each student and career guidance services;
· A unique opportunity to live and study in one of the most international, comfortable and safe cities in the world – Geneva.

A successful graduate is awarded two Bachelor’s degrees of MGIMO University and Swiss School for International Relations.


The tuition shall be patterned on Bologna rules generally aimed at the students and tutors' mobility increase, as well as strengthening the links between the European and world universities.

The tuition shall be based on a modular principle with continuous (for a few weeks) study of a subject followed by a pass | fail or exam. Then a new subject is taken up. Simultaneously with the aforementioned the students have intensive English and French studies. From the third year a number of subjects shall be taught in English. There also will be professionally - oriented Legal English and Français Juridique courses.

Foreign Languages

Foreign languages are essential to any modern professional training. Our goal is not limited to just giving basic knowledge of a foreign language but raising a professional ready to use the respective skills.

Within the whole term in Geneva a student shall intensively study English and French pursuant to the programs developed by international law language instruction experts, the MGIMO and the Swiss School for International Relations leading professors, finally achieving the B2 | C1 level.

Starting in their third year, students have core legal subjects taught in English by teachers from Swiss and European universities and representatives of international organizations based in Geneva. In addition, we invite legal practitioners from leading financial institutions, law firms and international corporations for optional lectures in English.

Simultaneously, students have an opportunity to enhance their practical legal English and legal French skills through the courses of Legal English and Français Juridique. These professionally oriented courses are aimed at enabling students to comprehend commercial legal vocabulary, negotiate deals, draft and amend contracts and write opinions and formal letters professionally and accurately.

Internship & Practical Training

Practical training is part of education, a chance to apply and strengthen one's skills in real life. Our student shall have a unique opportunity of training not only in Russia but in Switzerland and the EU as well. We have established a wide training base with such organizations and companies as:

In the course of studies a student shall visit various international organizations, meet working lawyers and visit such prominent "International law capitals" as Strasbourg, Vienna and the Hague.

The main purpose of the education trip to Strasbourg shall be getting familiar with the European and international system of human rights protection, as well as the European Union law.

The trip agenda shall include lectures at the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), the European Parliament, as well as attending a hearing at the ECHR Grand Chamber.


Training is conducted on a contractual basis.

Admission to the joint MGIMO University International Law Faculty and the Swiss School for International Relations "International and Comparative Law" program, is based on the following Unified State Exams:

  • Foreign language,
  • Social Studies,
  • Russian language,

without additional entrance exams.

However, to be enrolled candidates should attend an interview in social studies and testing in English language.

Studies in Moscow take place in the premises of MGIMO University at Vernadsky prospekt 76.

Почти 90 выпускников продолжили свое обучение и карьеру в Швейцарии.
Более 30 из них получили швейцарский паспорт.


Более 200 выпускников - востребованных высококлассных специалистов, занимающих посты в корпорациях, швейцарских юридических бюро и банках, органах государственной власти России, таких как:


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Gennady Tolstopyatenko
The Program Scientific Director
MGIMO University International Law Faculty Dean
+7 495 234 84 74 (Dean’s Office)

Nataliya Ponomareva
Director of educational programs
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